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Our founders

Sk8it4ward was set up by two 12 year old girls, Bella and Sienna. What started as two girls wanting to help out kids at one of their local skateparks has now started to grow and reach many more children than we thought possible.


Local skateboarders

A word from our founders

We are both 12 years old and attend two local schools in Waiuku.  We both a passion for skateboarding and have been fortunate enough to have visited many skateparks over the past year, as we have felt unsafe at our local Waiuku skatepark.

One skatepark we have grown to love in particular is called Randwick park. The skatepark offers a really warm feeling, people of all ages get along well, and everyone shares what they have. It was unknown to us, after making this skatepark our regular, that the area was one of the worst areas in south Auckland, and was rife with gangs, drugs and was extremely dangerous.

But one thing we noticed, was the sheer poverty. The children had nothing to ride on, often they shared one skateboard between four kids, and shared shoes and jumpers, but they were the happiest, kindest kids, so we decided to help. Our parents donated scooters, helmets etc and the children were so grateful, but we realized the poverty was vast, so we decided to ask our local community of Waiuku for donations and the feedback from the local community was very successful with over 200 donations, including safety gear and scooters, bikes and skateboards.

With the success of Waiuku, we then approached Glenfield and received an even bigger response with highly skilled business entrepreneurs volunteering their time to spread awareness throughout the whole of New Zealand.



When Bella and Sienna noticed that lots of their peers had no skate gear they wanted to help. Many of the children at the park had no skateboards, scooters or even footwear. The girls approached their local town and started to  get many donations. We have helped so many children but their are still so many more that could benefit from being able to participate and become part of their skateboarding community.


We want to help as many children as we can! Skateboarding provides children with many benefits, including being part of a community, making friends, developing life skills, a focus and an outlet they can be passionate about, as well as helping with mental health. It’s also great to be outdoors, away from screens, getting fresh air and learning new stunts and tricks they can be proud of achieving. We would love to continue to support the children at Auckland skate parks, and eventually further afield to. We would also like to take our initiative to another level and provide mentoring for children. We want to help change skateboard parks into positive places to be, full of support and a place to go as an outlet for kids.

our mission

A new skate of mind

Changing lives - Changing culture

One skateboard at a time