Our Mission

Our Mission

We want to help as many children as we can! Skateboarding provides children with many benefits, including being part of a community, making friends, developing life skills, a focus and an outlet they can be passionate about, as well as helping with mental health. It’s also great to be outdoors, away from screens, getting fresh air and learning new stunts and tricks they can be proud of achieving. We would love to continue to support the children at Auckland skate parks, and eventually further afield to. We would also like to take our initiative to another level and provide mentoring for children. We want to help change skateboard parks into positive places to be, full of support and a place to go as an outlet for kids.

What we want to see from Sk8 it 4ward

  • One community helping another community
  • A skatepark to become a safe place for all
  • Children looking after other children
  • Adults acting as skatepark guardians
  • Tackling Poverty -every child has the right to belong to a skatepark community and should have the gear to do this
  • Mentors recruited to help and tackle the ongoing problems at the skateparks

What we know

  • Skateboarding is proven to be amazing for mental health
  • A free sport that anyone can participate in
  • Helps you feel part of something
  • Everyone is treated the same, and as an equal
  • Skateboarding has saved thousands of children around the world from violence, suicide, and depression

How can you help us?

It takes a village to raise a child and it takes a community to create a safe skatepark

Some ways you can support us

A new skate of mind

Changing lives - Changing culture

One skateboard at a time