Such a beautiful idea. Hearts of gold! I would be happy to donate a pair of near new trainers. Well done!!!!! 

Kerry Louise Martin

We have lots of shoes Im sure some would like them! Love what your doing

Jasmine Togo

You  beautfiul humans. I’ll see what we’ve got.

Josie Oliver

What a beautiful gesture

Bella & Rosie

How awesome. What thoughtful kids, the world needs more of this!

Tiffany Bennenbroek

Where was these nice people when I was a kid

Hakiro Edmonds

What beautiful souls you 2 are ❤️ Im sorry I don’t have any scooters or helmets but what you’re doing is seriously amazing! Hats of to the wonderful parents who raised 2 beautiful gems. God bless your hearts ❤️

Rana Rose Mikhaile

The sweetest girls ever!! 🥰 Love you both 😍❤️❤️❤️  Amber Clyde 

Good luck and hope this will grow nz wide!

 Amber Clyde
Favourite post of the last month. Really love to see this sort of help in the community. Really hope it influences more positive action to help those kids in much need, the less fortunate. They deserve attention and some happieness x
Jase lee 
Aww xx That’s wonderful news, All kids deserve something nice that they have all ways wanted , No matter what 
Marie Wightman
What a fantastic and wonderful kind thing you are doing, the world is a better place with you both in it, LOVE IT! 🙂 Please get you mum to PM me as I would like to do something to help 🙂
Debbie Morgan 
You girls are so kind and thoughtful! 🥰 you are destined to change the world ❤️ keep being the kind girls that you are – I wish I had some things to donate!!
Kim Lati 
You girls are just amazing that most people wouldn’t believe or even care what yous are trying to do. And those ones that wouldn’t believe or care what yous are trying to do. It’s there kids at the park with nothing to ride on or no shoes. Those kids are most probably hungry too. I want to try help you girls. I don’t have skate boards or scooters but I will try to buy some cheap ones. And I will msg you girls when I have at least 5 skate boards and 5 scooters that I want to donate to you girls to  give to the kids that have nothing. ll try to get helmets but I don’t think these kids need them. I really want to help yous make a difference for the better of these kids. I wish there was more young people like you around to make a difference. And I hope your post will have a great impact on the people who read your post. Like it did to me. You girls inspire me and I hope you inspire many others
Mark hohepa harema pomare 
Bless you girls, your parents have raised you right 😇💯 I will join the group and see what I can do x
Sharon hendry 
I love this so much! I’d love to get in touch to hear more about Sk8 It 4ward – plus talk about the different skateparks you visit and what you like about them. The local board’s been talking about local skateparks, and I’d love your views.
Ruth Jackson 
Wonderful and inspiring….thank you.
Gaberielle Martin 
Yasss as a skater girl of the 90s I know these good vibes at bowls and half pipes!
Bella I commend you and your friend!
This Is Amazing
Sharing now
And have a helmet to donate
Jodie Rawle 
Yasss as a skater girl of the 90s I know these good vibes at bowls and half pipes!
Bella I commend you and your friend!
This Is Amazing
Sharing now
And have a helmet to donate
Jodie Rawle 
Well done girls what a wonderful effort! Fantastic community spirit keep up the great work x
Erin silivaai 
Niiice movement girls, love the aroha being put into this
Dorothy Ngakuru
Oh wow, good on them for setting up such an awesome charity at their age! That’s actually amazing, I’ve just given their page a like as we often love to get amongst the community!
Natalie Gombert 
Wow… this is awesome work… your parents must be so proud of you… and congrats to them for bringing up such compassionate young people as our future adults.
Ben de ruiter 
Awesome..will drop off either tomorrow or next day.  You must be sooo proud of the girls..I got my 11yr old son to read the post and straight away he wanted to help too..so great to see in kids these days 😁 good luck to you all
Tessa James 

Hello Girls! You are doing a fabulous job in the community doing great things promoting skating and getting kids outside 😁 I would like to donate $200 for you to buy a skateboard for someone who wants to get into skating but can’t afford to – will that be enough to get a board?

I love your initiative and pro activity – keep it up
 Kind regards

Donna maree 🤗

Hi there, just saw your post on the community page!  How cool!!  Brilliant to see your vision coming to life and heartening to see the empathy and passion you have!  So good,

Suzanne Moore 

KAS (Kids After School club) have supported us from the very beginning, donating around 10 brand new skateboards to children across Auckland, and they provided us with a further 10 skateboards at a very low cost


Massive Aroha and props for what you are doing…. skateboarding…. bringing so much freedom and Joy to so many for so long ….and you’re giving our sport a boost for the future ….reee speect
Eden Winstone 
Wow You folks are so inspiring to us all. What positivity and caring u r showing these awesome kids .A memory they will remember for a lifetime and as young adults they will be the one’s to pay it forward. Your unselfish acts of kindness will touch their lives in so many ways. Congrats too all u awesome people.
Carol payne 
You guys are amazing !! Working so hard to make a difference. Well done !! 😊🥰
Veronica farina 
Fantastic outcome and awesome thing to do for the community. My daughter thoroughly enjoyed herself and was pleased to receive some stickers and a voucher. Looking forward to the next one 🌼
Serena Johnston 
That was very generous of you you made a lot of kids so happy would have been like Christmas for some thank you so much and for your compassion
Jenny payne 
Wow! Can’t wait to catch up with later this arvo😎. We are so lucky to have you groovy people pop in for a visit, So Thank you, you amazing people from myself and my choice community.
Walz brown 
Awesome , love this positive story helping youngsters x
Jill collier 
So lovely to see the children  having fun. Keep up the good work, you are making a difference.
Albert Murray
Amazing, you girls have made so many kids happy, great to see the kindness and generosity from people in our community and that’s come forward from our girls great initiative and kindness.  Keep up the good work!
Mark payne 
Such a fantastic idea! Both of you girls should feel very proud of what you have achieved 👏
Rhonda Moore 
It  is an absolute pleasure to support such a worthy cause…369 Collective is here to support Sk8 it 4ward on an ongoing basis 😊
Venessa Minkley 
Thank you for sharing 💖💗 Bella and her friend Sienna with the incredible support of their families are doing Amazing things
Toni Webster